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A few words about me

Passionate by computer sciences since my first PC. I discovered HTML and CSS there. Then during high school I made my first C program.
At EPITECH I learned programation and algorithms skills by working on a lot of different projects and languages (C, C++, Python, Bash, OCaml, Java, C#) and technologies (webserver, monitoring, mail server...).
Since I've learned Golang, Ruby, JS, LiveScript.

  • DevOps - Dev Software Backend.
  • Bash - Python - C - C++ - JS - Livescript - Golang - C# - Perl - Ocaml - LateX.
  • Nginx - Apache - Zabbix - Nagios - MariaDb - MongoDB - VMWare ESX - uWSGI - gunicorn.
  • Django - Flask - Tornado - Twisted - Pandas - Numpy - deap - PyGame - SFML - SDL - Qt - PyQt - GTK+.
  • Chef - Ansible - fabistrano.
  • Git - SVN - Jenkins - Raspberrypi - Docker - Cloud Azure - Linux
  • French - English.
How I work

I'm usualy working between 6 to 7 hour a day, ready to travel few days a week to meet up the teamwork.
I split down the project in various smaller tasks, more timely estimate, if you agree with the estimation I start working to deliver a POC as soon as possible.
Self-driven in my task, I use the agile method.
I always give documented code. (md Format most of the time)

About myself

Guitarist since I'm 14 years old, I played in rock band for few years, then I join UNISSON, an assocation promoting electronic music where I learned how to scratch and mix.
Scoutboy since my younger age until my major study, I've learned and shared my knowledge when I became chief scout.
Responsible of the Free laboratory of EPITECH for a year.
Sport enthousiast: Slackline, contact Staff, poi, and climbing.